sunday 01.15.04:

Singer search: We're embarking on a 3-month trial run with the soulful and passionate vocalist Josh Peterson (he must be heard to be believed)! Show dates will be announced soon.

friday 01.09.04:

happy new year...and welcome back. scott and amy have returned from their pilgrimage to the great north...and we are continuing the audition process. we are continuing to receive calls from talented vocalists interested in being the next lead vox and we're doing "call-backs" with three of our most promising singers so far this weekend.

also, the meltdown morning bulletin board is back. register and join the buzz!

sunday 11.30.03:

hope everybody had a great thanksgiving...want to work off some pounds? come see meltdown morning live with SPC's own alternaTV and the world premier of "buttmonkey" this friday. click here for the graphics.

thursday 11.27.03:

happy thanksgiving everyone! we're looking forward to our jams on december 5th & 6th...and seeing you there! gobble, gobble!

sunday 11.02.03:

a new date has been added to the calendar. come see us with guest vocalists and a very special appearance by buttmonkey - december 5th at tokyo joes.

friday 10.31.03:

new music for your listening enjoyment! check out this new song written by amy for an independent film in los angeles. starlight & godlight & angel's wings features guest vocalist marcellus roberts.

saturday 10.25.03:

we are still in the audition process for the lead vox position. when we find "magic" we'll be back and booming!

the blue light official bootleg from august 13th is now for sale. it is an amazing 3 disc set available for only $8.00. click here to order your today.

tuesday 10.07.03:

our recent self-titled full length album is now on sale for $10.00 a piece! Christmas is right around the corner! click here to get yours today!

also, beginning this weekend we will be auditioning vocalists! anyone interested should contact Scott.

monday 8.25.03:

meltdown morning is now listed on clear channels artist here to check it out.

thursday 8.14.03:

if you live in lubbock, make sure you tune in to fmx (94.5) on friday night, 7:20pm; meltdown morning will be the featured guest artist on the "local lix" program.

the "bleacher's - an official bootleg" double CD set is now available for sale. click here to purchase the exciting live performance captured in stereo!

sunday 8.10.03:

here are a few pictures from our show in amarillo...including exclusive footage of amy on a harley!

Scott and Amy went to Colorado at the end of July and wrote some new may hear some of the new material at upcoming shows.

Also, Shane has a brand new bass rig, hear the thunder this wednesday at "the blue light" in lubbock.

thursday 8.7.03:

the live recording from bleacher's came out well, and will be shipped to those of you who ordered it early next week. It is being formatted right now for your listening pleasure!

we are on the road quite a bit this month, so don't miss your chance to see us while we're in your city!

thursday 7.24.03:

don't forget tonight's show at bleacher's...the show will be recorded live! it's your chance to get your voice on tape with meltdown morning!

meltdown morning will be invading 5 different cities next month...make sure and check the calendar for a show near you.

recent updates on the site include:

- pictures from our recent show at graham central station

- stephen's journal page with deep thoughts & insights about life on the road

- fan video short of scott's guitar solo

tuesday 7.16.03:
our calendar is filling up fast, so make sure and catch us while we're in your town...we're going to be moving around a lot! are you on our mailing list? click here to submit your contact info and we'll keep you updated with all the latest.

pictures from our recent bleacher's show are now on the site: click here to see!

monday 6.30.03:

you can also purchase our CD at Texas Digital Video and Music Supply in Levelland!

wednesday 6.25.03:

you can now purchase our CD at the follow lubbock locations:

- ralph's records & tapes (both locations)

- hastings (both locations)

- backstage (in the mall)

- and it's always available here on our website as well!

also, here are pictures from our recent show at tokyo joe's! dave thompson continues to be a huge contributor with these pictures as well! click here to check out another of "episode inside the mind of stephen stroope".

friday 6.20.03:

click here to view a recent newspaper article in amarillo that mentions Scott: amarillo nights news article. also, dave thompson was on site at our recent day break show and took these pictures.

wednesday 6.18.03:

new pictures from the CD release are on the photos page thanks to J. Reichard and Hubstuff.

Also, Stephen's thoughts and insights about the new album can be seen on the album page.

We're looking forward to seeing you all at Tokyo Joe's this Saturday June 21st, 9:00pm!

monday 6.16.03:

The first meltdown morning music video has arrived. The band's live recording was done this spring on SPC's alternaTV and edited by John Habbinga. For now it is available only online...soon we will have a high res version available on DVD! Click here to check it out.

thursday 6.12.03:

Ok, we're back at Tokyo Joe's...June 21st. Grass Roots Campaign will be opening the show. Make sure and check our calendar for updates, the dates are being updated almost daily! We are also looking forward to returning to Amarillo soon.

The new Meltdown Morning CD is now available at both locations of Ralph's Record's.

Amy has written her edition of liner notes for the new album...check it out! Also, all the lyrics for the new album are now up!

friday 5.16.03:

The show at Tokyo Joes has been cancelled...however we will be appearing at Day Break Coffee Roasters next friday may 23rd! Check out the album notes page for thoughts & insights from the band about the album...this week Brian's notes are featured.

wednesday 5.14.03:

New photos are finally up from alternaTV and the CD release party! There is also a bonus short fan movie of "Maniac Smile" from the CD release. Scott and Shane are giving final exams right now...and then we're ready to hit the road with the new CD. Look for new shows coming soon to the Meltdown Morning calendar. Find out how to get involved when Meltdown Morning comes to your town...join the street team!

wednesday 5.7.03:

The new CD is out of the bag! Check out an audio collage Scott built for your listening glee. Also, Stroope's Journal has been updated with new thoughts. If you didn't get everything you needed at the CD release, you can purchase it right here...keep checking back, more cool stuff is on the way!

wednesday 4.23.03:

Welcome to the new website! The pre-release EP "the violet i sessions" is in! We will be giving it away (that's right, free) at the concert thursday night at South Plains College! Do you have a popsicle stick yet...if not you'll want to be there. Click here to check out pictures from our recent appearance at The Daiquiri Lounge.

wednesday 4.02.03:

As I am typing our CD is in Nashville being duplicated. Very soon new schwag(T-shirts, stickers, and other fun stuff to take home) will begin appearing at our shows. Also, we will be transferring to the new website soon. Our street teams are in the process of being organized, and our booking team is looking for new venues to infiltrate. Keep checking here for the latest news.

thursday 3.27.03:

The CD date has been moved to Friday May 2nd due to availability of the venue. See our calendar for more details.

tuesday 3.25.03:

We've changed our name again! We are now known as Meltdown Morning! To find out why, click here. The new website will be coming soon to Check out the calendar for new dates...including our CD release on May 3rd!

wednesday 3.19.03:

Check out our words page for updated lyrics to the new songs! Also, the album "Throb", now a collector's item with the name "100 Love Sonnets" printed on the cover, will only be available while they last. Go to our product page to order online.

tuesday 3.4.03:

We've added live video footage to our website! Here's a couple of songs off the album you're waiting to buy, maybe this will help tide you over until the new album comes out!

monday 2.3.03:

Welcome the the new violet-i website! Scott, Amy, Shane, and Summer are in Nashville starting tomorrow to mix the new CD! Check out our new feature...stroope's journal. A look a life on the road throught the eyes of a vocalist.

friday 1.28.03:

Check out the pictures from our show at The Door in Ft. Worth this weekend. Thanks David for cooking us breakfast! You rule!

friday 1.3.03:

Happy New Year everyone! Get your copy of "Throb" or the "Unity Not Uniformity" T-shirt for only $5.00...shipping on all orders under 10 items is $1.00!

friday 12.27.02:

Christmas is gone, New Years is on the way...hope everyone is having happy holidays. Recording continues...and mixing will soon follow! Check out the album update page for more details.

friday 12.13.02:

We're in the process of completing our second album...and we're very close! Keep an eye on our album update page to keep track of progress.

Also, new shows will be added soon to the calendar as we prepare to hit the road again!



What Are People Saying About This Amazing Band?

Here's a list of quotes from some influential folks who we've met recently:

"violet-i is an amazing group of talent and inventiveness. unlike any other band I have heard before they continue to "throb" out great music and great meaning. They are a troop that not only that I respect but also whom I can say are my friends."

- Joel Sprayberry, Independent Artist distributed by Grassroots

"Your CD is amazingly good. It's great the way the instrumentation is SOOO powerful, and yet the listener can hear and understand every word. There's got to be an art to that in the way you produce it. It's amazing. Oh and the graphics. Major league good stuff of course. Scott, you are a master."

- Jana Stanfield, Independent Artist with 50,000 units in sales

"Their fans lit up my switchboard and jammed our phone lines for over 30 minutes! That has never happened before... not even with national acts."

- Christy Hart, DJ, Mix 100.3 FM, Lubbock

"Call it Psychedelic Love-Core or just call it awesome. Either way, violet i packs the punch that bring talent back to rock."

-Wesley Ryan, DJ, KJAK 92.7 FM, Lubbock

"violet i will lift your feet off the ground. Don't be surprised if you become a new person after hearing their music. It's that powerful."

- Sula Kim, WBAY Ch 2., ABC Affiliate, Greenbay, Wisconsin

"I thought you guys were awesome as usual. i felt a new energy with he whole show that i haven't felt before at the other shows. i know it was hot and the shade tarp didn't work out, but you guys rocked the house. it was really tight. good job!! Can't wait to hear the record."

- Dallas Stevens, lead vocalist and guitarist for Soul Burn

"Thanks a lot, Scott... i was also very glad to finally hear the famed violet i... i couldn't believe it. you guys seriously were incredible, and i'm not a bit surprised. i'm looking forward to hearing you play more... preferably inside next time... i suffered from a bit of a heat troke this afternoon. anyway, keep me posted, and thanks!"

- Jordan Polk, drummer for the now defunct CrashTestPete

"The strength of this ensemble makes violet i. There is no weak link. They are supremely good."

- Seth Green, Plainsman Press, South Plains College, Levelland

"The 'Throb' CD Release concert was so hard-pounding, we went out and purchased one of those new portable defibrillators for the next time they play!"

- Scott Gloyna, Owner, Daybreak Coffee Roasters, Lubbock

"violet i are the finest ingredients coming together to create a divine blend. Hire them... you'll make a lot of money."

-Chelsea Hollaway, Travelling Zoo Productions

"violet i creates electricity that fills the room."

- Travis Zachary, President, SGR Records