The Hand Report (Updated 1.08.02):

Thanks so much to everyone for their thoughts, well-wishes, and prayers. My hand is doing great. I've made a full recovery. It's been an adjustment, but I feel like I'm a better player today than at any other time in my entire life. I still have some pain associated with the injury, but it doesn't affect my playing at all... and I am eternally greatful for that.


The Hand Report (Updated 5.17.01):

Scott is back in action folks! The purple cast comes off on Monday and he goes into a small hand splint (just for additional support... and he can remove in at will!). The cast has been driving Scott nuts. "You can see in the photo where I've taken plyers to it and broken it so I have more motion," says Scott (see the white marks at the bottom of the cast). The huge splint came off three weeks ago Wednesday and the doctor put him in a short cast (it's purple... the color chosen by Scott and Amy's daughter). "His fingers are free and we can't keep him away from the guitar," says Stephen.

"Well, the doctor told me to play guitar, so I am... every second I can! My technique is terrible right now, mainly because my nuckle is still swollen from the surgery. I'm bending strings and everything now... even rehearsing with the band. It's amazing how much my attitude improved when the doctor let me start playing again," says Scott, as he jams on a chord progression for a new tune. "We rehearsed the other night, and I was even able to contribute parts for a new tune Stephen wrote. The parts are very simple though, and kinda slow."

"Don't believe him," says Shane. "He's already doing chromatic exercises... eighth notes at 230 beats per minute."

Everything looks good and Scott should make a full recovery. Click here to see pictures of Scott going into surgery. Click here to see pictures of Scott when the big cast was first taken off. Go here to see a giant view of Scott's x-ray.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, emails, and well-wishes. Also, thanks for the stories you guys have sent in. We've got some hilarious ones and we've posted a few here!