scott faris has been a teacher of guitar and a master of the visual arts for

many years. His guitar lines and graphic designs have graced the projects of

many, but his passion is singular: excellence to the nth degree. And that is

exactly what he gives at a meltdown morning show. known for his sonic

wizardry, scott's knowledge of psychedelic tone borders on the insane. scott

whips his guitar into a frenzy like a matador in the ring but cradles it like a

newborn child. all the while, it's clear the guitar is not a mere accessory but is an

extension of his soul of souls. You hear the notes, you feel yourself moving, and

suddenly you realize scott is a snake charmer, and you are caught under his



scott's office - have you ever wondered what it's like to be scott? here's a

glimpse...take a look at the office/playpen where his mad scientist dreams

become life!

scott's bionic hand - Ever wonder how scott creates his super-sonic

electrogrooves? This story is straight out of a comic book, only it really

happened. click here to learn about scott's bionic hand!

scott's pedal board - here's an upclose look at so many electronics you could

use them to land the space shuttle! scott created many of these himself and is

an avid collector of vintage pedals.

contact - send an email to scott.