Joel Sprayberry

A good friend and a great songwriter. Shane has played bass on several of his recordings.

James Stoddard - The High House

One of Scott's favorite authors is James Stoddard. His books, the High House and the False House, have kept may hours of boredom at bay while traveling across the barren wastelands in Lewtina (our motorhome). Read them. They are incredible and will move you.


A great band... smokin' vocals, good writing, and really cool people. Check 'em out.

Scott Crader

One of our favorite singer/songwriters. Amy plays with Scott once in a while. Check his tunes out. Really great stuff.

Spilling Poetry - A Sad Note

Lubbock-based music has suffered a great loss. The best band in the entire region, Spilling Poetry, decided to call it a night and hang up the towel after 7 years, 3 albums, and over 500 shows. They single-handedly raised the bar in this region as far as quality, songwriting, and creativity are concerned. Music from their unfinished final album is available for free on their website and the songs are incredible.

Susan Grisanti


King's X




Jana Stanfield


Big Sugar


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