Join the Team by sending e-mail to the street team leader, Let me know about talents you have such as photography, art, graphic design, etc.

Once you join the Team, you'll start receiving email guidance. We'll go from there. In the meantime, participate in the message board. Below, is a list of ideas other agents have come up with to get you started.

We could use your help. Write us today. Contact the team leader at

team member ideas:

1. Help at shows by collecting e-mail addresses and talking up the band.

2. Create, post, and hand-out tour posters and flyers for listed shows.

3. Talk to people about us, suggest venues for the band.

4. E-mail friends about Meltdown Morning. Send links to the music.

5. Sign up on the Meltdown for the mailing list.

6. Develop E-Cards to turn people on to the band.

7. Make new Meltdown Morning AIM buddy icons and distribute existing ones to friends.

8. Send us detailed reports of happenings, press, radio, and keep your ears to the ground.

9. Be creative: think of new ways to get the word out - and let us know, so we can tell others how to do it.

10. Wear/display Meltdown Morning merchandise.

11. Post tasteful messages to message boards across the web. - Please don't SPAM.

12. Chat about Meltdown Morning while in chat rooms - especially music related rooms.

13. Don't do anything that will have a negative impact on the band's reputation.

14. Download flyers/posters/handbills and distribute them.

14. The most important - go to shows and take as many friends as possible.